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Opti Q

Opti Q Menen Dtonic winkel lo res 008

Elegant optician shop

Opti Q
Menen, Belgium
170 m2
cafeine - dtonic

Lots of spectacles, a curved façade and its very own feminine identity. What is required in order to bundle these elements into a coherent concept?

The challenge of bringing the street into the shop and, in turn, the corresponding dynamic, was translated into a copper arch. A deliberate choice that ensures the store area reaches out to the street. Store and display form a whole. Robust ceramic tiles and delicate copper. Energy and feminine elegance. Its own identity. Behind the copper wall, there is a calm corridor. The functional spaces for the optician form the third component of the project. Unique furniture and tables were developed and the shelves in the copper wall double as work and fitting areas. Mirrors, copper detailing and the other materials complement one another perfectly.