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In The Yard

5 AM ITY interior small06

Comfortable and flexible co-working space

Office, Hospitality
Camino - In The Yard
Drongen (B)
5000 m²

In the Yard, a New York warehouse-inspired co-working space housing 5000m2 of flexible office spaces, meeting facilities, and social areas.

At In the Yard, flexibility comes first. Every detail, from architecture and stability to interior design, caters to users' desires, allowing spaces to effortlessly grow or shrink, ensuring a seamless transformation that adapts to your needs.

The well-being of its occupants takes center stage. With a relentless commitment to achieving the prestigious WELL certificate, the building guarantees an exceptional indoor climate, outstanding acoustics, ample daylight, and actively promotes movement. Sustainability is a key focus, making it one of Belgium's trend-setting office buildings.

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In collaboration with Salens Architects.