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Oever Gallery

5 AM Oever web 6

A concrete canvas for contemporary art

Retail, Hospitality, Experience
Oostende (B)
150 m²
GOLD - German Design Award 2024

Oever Gallery, situated in Ostend, draws its name from the Dutch word for 'shore' or 'bank.' The gallery finds its roots deeply intertwined with the graffiti, street, and urban art culture that defines the city, serving as the foundation of the interior design concept.

The project embodies a creative reversal, a reinterpretation of the conventional canvas of a street artist—the urban landscape—rendered with a refined, minimalist touch within the gallery's confines. The outcome is a stripped-down representation that captures the essence of the concrete jungle.

The open plan space, easily divided into zones using a versatile freestanding system, allows for seamless flexibility. Assemble or expand effortlessly, anytime, anywhere—no tools required.

This project came to life in collaboration with our partner SKINN BRANDING AGENCY.

The open plan space can be divided in different zones by using a smart freestanding system which offers full flexibility and can easily be assembled or expanded whenever and wherever without the need for tools. Display elements and backgrounds in different sizes and colors can be added accordingly.

Oever Gallery Planset web