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Office SB

5 AM spring 9

Unexpected surprise in a church

Office, Concept
1500 sqm

Designing an office space that matches the grandeur of a church was a monumental challenge. The aim was too captivate from the threshold, leaving an indelible mark with unexpected touches.

At the core of the design philosophy was the idea of delivering an unexpected surprise. This took shape in the form of a massive mirror ball, a symbol of unprecedented collaboration between modern design and the historic architectural masterpiece. The flexible layout stimulates social interaction, cultivating a dynamic work environment. The companies transformation honours tradition while embracing innovation, creating a lasting legacy.

Multi-use spaces were introduced, promoting a more social work atmosphere. Users can customise layouts for efficient and dynamic space utilisation, fostering creativity through seamless connections. The secret to this adaptability lies in a modular system, facilitating the creation of unique workspaces within the office.