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Legia Accountants

5 AM legia hires 12

office with airy privacy

Legia Accountants
Menen (B)
450 m2

A growing accounting firm moves into new – and bigger – offices. FIVE AM was given full control over this 450-m² space. Wind and waterproof; nothing more. Preferably an open-plan space, but with the necessary privacy and screening to be able to work well.

A blank canvas inherently has endless possibilities. We played with openness and privacy by creating enclosed spaces using glass walls. Cabinets served as delineating elements, giving rise to various office zones. A sliding rail, with white sliding doors done in perforated steel, runs across the full width of the space. This plays with the concept of airy privacy. You aren’t enclosed entirely, but there’s just the right amount of separation. The warm wood has been left untouched, thus providing accents and variation in the predominantly white working space.