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House D

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Contrasts aren't mutually exclusive.

200 m²

Create, brainstorm, and design a bedroom with en-suite bathroom with openness as the leitmotif, while at the same time ensuring complete privacy. Combining openness and privacy as contrasts is the idea.

This can be done perfectly by making use of a centralised block in the space. Done in Corian, and not floor to ceiling, this maintains contact with the entire – open – space. This is not an extra little room. This is a part of a larger whole. The bathtub, shower, and washbasin have been integrated into the central unit.

If desired, the open doors allow direct contact with the larger space. There are many possibilities here, including being able to watch TV from the tub. On the other hand, the doors create an intimate and private unit when closed, in which you can comfortably relax and drift away. In other words, openness and privacy are not mutually exclusive.