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Drukta - Formail

5 AM Drukta Formail hires 7

Container offices

Drukta - Formail
Kortrijk (B)
1000 m2

Two companies. One space. Lots of ideas. Doing a lot with little.
No frills, essence. Both for their companies and for the work they provide. A promise of transparency and trust. This resulted in sandblasted and varnished, used sea containers that are given a new lease of life as office space. Basic and rudimentary, but just as surprising and versatile. A large-scale box of blocks, which can be expanded or limited as required. The slightly modified containers fill the larger space and there is direct interaction between the office spaces and the central studio floor. At the same time, the container walls seem to be breaking their way out. Through walls and through the original loading and unloading zone of the industrial building. Sober, clean, simple but phenomenally surprising and above all functional. A container office with an extra dimension.