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Casinohotel Middelkerke

5 AM bolderhotel1

Calmness at the coast

Hospitality, Concept
Flow Hospitality Group
Middelkerke (B)
3000 sqm

We aim to enhance the architectural and environmental aspects of the hotel's interior, fostering a sense of unity. Rather than pursuing conflict, our approach involves seamlessly blending the various spaces within the building. The original architect's vision for the core of the structure will be maintained and reinforced. Our concept builds upon the existing design choices, yet establishes its distinctive identity and experience through thoughtful and robust additions.

The overall aesthetic is characterized by a clean and understated 'look & feel,' promoting complete relaxation, with intentional accents and contrasting elements strategically placed to capture attention. In materialising this vision, we embrace a captivating blend of tranquility and sensory experiences. Leveraging the robustness of the architectural concept, we introduce inspiring materials designed to engage and stimulate various senses.