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5AM & SKINN move to The Market!

SKINN ANTWERPEN Gevel Scheldestraat 03 2022 191 A6155 WEB

The word is out! 5AM and SKINN are growing, in numbers and ambition alike. Time to move into a new Antwerp location built for the future! We found our new home in collaboration hub ‘The Market’.

Antwerp breathes innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship. The Market, located in the dynamic South area, in the historic site of the old fish market, is living proof. As a collaboration hub they are the home base for leading tech companies November Five, Gorilla, Spencer, Credix and now also 5AM & SKINN. The idea behind? To house like-minded and complementary companies, so company borders can and will be crossed. That's how and why 5AM, SKINN and November Five met. The rest is history! Or is it the future?

Why The Market? Because at 5AM & SKINN we believe in the power of the collaboration hub: beyond company borders, that's where it gets interesting!

We can't wait to welcome you to this inspiring location. We look forward to sharing the first drink with the other residents of The Market. Time to start this new chapter for 5AM & SKINN in Antwerp. Let's get things moving!

We are still looking for several profiles for our location in Antwerp, for both 5AM and SKINN. Check it out! What are you waiting for?