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5AM and SKINN in partnership

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5AM and SKINN BRANDING AGENCY form partnership on spatial identity.

5AM, led by founder and creative director Olivier Caluwier, celebrates its 10th birthday this year and is shaping an ambitious vision for the future with this step.

Kurt De Vlieghere and Ruth Bossuyt from SKINN consolidate their holistic strategy and their belief in the future and the importance of spatial identity within branding through this partnership. The need for a permanent spatial identity partner was clear and the match with 5AM was instant, both personally and professionally.

5AM found SKINN to be the ideal sparring partner with ambition, who brings additional entrepreneurial qualities to the table and with a shared design philosophy and business strategy. Both parties like to focus on beauty, the essence of a design and the flexibility to adapt in these ever-changing times and circumstances.

Olivier, 5AM: “ In this preferred partnership we want to remain agile and independent each with our own approach, but one that matches. If we feel that it offers added value to collaborate on a project, then we will do it. ”