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A good collaboration starts with an interesting conversation. At 5AM, we listen carefully to your needs, ideas and expertise. We love an open conversation. We take the time to understand your question and your business. We do this consciously.
We work on it together with you. Specific and clear. This preliminary analysis, this study, is the basis of everything. We take into account the practical, creative and human aspects of the project. 5AM is happy to spend time and energy on this. With reason. Because it pays off.


Once we have a clear picture of what you need, we head to our studio where we look for that one idea. The conceptual solution is created, the content takes shape. An initial basic design develops into a refined design. We then transform this refined design into a full-on technical and executable file. We are happy to communicate with you about this in a common language. We are flexible to arrive at a shared vision. Resolving. We take you through our thought process and show you the potential.


When it comes to the realisation, we like to be a dedicated partner in the entire project follow-up to make an impact, even in the smallest details.
A unique design requires a well-composed construction team. We are therefore happy to advise you on professionals we know and trust or work together with your trusted partners. We are happy to act as a project coordinator who completely unburdens you or we offer support to your existing team.

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We enjoy every bit of what we do, from concept to the tiniest detail in the finishing. This love and passion for what we do keeps us eager to start every project, to explore new and interesting things, and to deliver designs that surprise even ourselves.



We constantly challenge conventions by keeping an open mind, eyes and ears, to stay informed, inspired and creative. In turn we are able to quickly understand, conceptualise and apply ideas that are both flexible, durable and an answer to ever-changing times.

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We recognise each others strengths, listen and evolve together, as a team, with our partners, and our clients. This open-minded culture is what allows us to help and support each other during every project in order to create true value in design.



We pride ourselves on our ability to manage ever-changing circumstances, and to solve complex situations in novel, creative ways. Whether having to work in partnership or to create a design that can adapt to change, our resilience always purveys.

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We approach every project by removing the unwanted and unnecessary. Stripping it down to the essence it serves. This allows us to create concepts that are pure in their nature, where we invest our time into the details and refinement that matter most for the experience.